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Quality Control

CMM Machine

Quadrant Equipment Quality Procedures:

A critical factor in the successful application of components is ensuring precision. Each part should be measured for quality and accuracy to guarantee they are fit for purpose.

This is achieved through CMM inspection (Coordinate Measuring Machine), where 3D components and assemblies are intricately measured.

This 3D measurement process ensures that any errors with the component are flagged, and exact dimensions are highlighted.

Here at Quadrant Equipment, we provide detailed CMM inspection services using the industry leading 3D Inspect Pro Software linked to our CAD/CAM system. Reports can be generated in tabular or diagrammatic form.


CMM Machine

Quadrant Equipment Inspection:

Our use of the Mitutoyo BX303 CMM allows us to create detailed specification reports for components of all shapes and sizes.

These reports are compared to the CAD/CAM model to give you a precise understanding of your component’s dimensions.

Our CMM facility adjusts to the temperature of a room in order to meticulously examine the component, no matter how complex.

Additionally, every component that we produce is measured through the CMM to ensure specifications are met.

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